Investment Diamonds and Jewelry


Regardless of whether we are dealing with a colorless or colored diamond, in order to be considered as an investment object, it has to be unique. This uniqueness can be defined on several levels as exceptional 4C parameters (basis), and in fact according to our 8C or 9C scale. These are not only the right size, clarity, color and cut (the basic 4Cs), but also the parameters of this cut, its type, as well as the fluorescence or brilliance for diamonds of the brilliant cut. Not every diamond is a brilliant and it is not a defect of the diamond, it is simply the type of the cut.

Few people are aware that for colored diamonds, not only from the technical side, other cuts are much more effective than the best known round brilliant cut, because the most important thing in colored diamonds is their effectiveness, the way they reflect and show their color, its saturation. This can be achieved using other cuts and the effect is much more prominent.

Trading and handling of colored diamonds, as well as investments in such unique assets, is the highest level of ennoblement, reserved only for a selected few, also due to the fact that it requires a very high capital investment. Due to this, thanks to our investment offer in Tokens, each and everyone of You can be a participant in such unique investment.

Colored diamonds, or in other words Fancy Color Diamonds, comprise 11 main colors in which these diamonds are found, including white - not to be confused with colorless diamonds. Apart from white, 10 colors are distinguished: black, grey, brown, yellow, orange, pink, violet, red, blue and green.

Diamonds are also black. They occur in all ranges of colours, in a full pallet. These are called "Fancy Colors".

Other unique and highly sought-after colored diamonds are olive and purple diamonds, which are diamonds in derived colors, characterised by their rarity, which is why there is also a great deal of interest in diamonds in these colors. Fancy color diamonds are also found in more than 230 other combinations of basic and derived colors and their shades.

It is also very important to know that there are 9 levels of color intensity in color diamonds, including 6 appropriate ones - Fancy, which stand out and it is these 6 levels that we consider and name as investment. Others are not worthy of attention in terms of investment. From these only 3 levels: Fancy, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid can be considered extremely suitable for investment. In the case of some diamonds, it can be the remaining three levels: Fancy Light, Fancy Deep, Fancy Dark, however, diamonds fitting on this scale do not reflect so much the intensity of the color.

Of course, this also affects the price, the possibility of sell or the search for diamonds of indicated, particular qualities. Never less, it should be remembered that when it comes to historical diamonds the factor of the color and its saturation, as well as the quality of the cut, do not have such an enormous influence on the valuation of the diamond, because one of the most important factors in this case is the history of the given diamond.


Summarizing, many factors influence the selection process of colorless stones and even more so in the case of colored diamonds, which as rough stones may be subjected to the refining process in order to become investment diamonds.

It should be noted here, that in the case of colorless diamonds, round brilliant cut diamonds are usually considered as investment diamonds. Only when being exceptional diamonds, auction diamonds, they can have another shape of cut, but such diamonds are always larger than 10,00 carats. However, the round cut is a standard, whereas the diamonds of this cut may be smaller, but not under 1,00 carat. Of course, the size, type, quality and time of storing of the diamonds determines the increase in their value and profitability, and therefore, for colorless diamonds, it is necessary going by the rule of investing in diamonds above 3,00 carats, with only some of them, specific ones, of very large sizes, considered to be investment diamonds.

With colored diamonds, many more cuts can be considered as conducive to investment diamonds and their size does not have to exceed 10,00 carats, although diamonds of this size achieve very high prices, see large value increases and are highly sought after due to their small quantity. Colored diamonds are very rare nature masterpieces and colored diamonds with a size of more than 10,00 carats are entirely unique.


Approximately 120 - 130 million carats of rough diamonds are mined worldwide every year. Of this number, approximately 55 % (65 - 75 million ct.) are stones that are sent for further processing, because they are considered to be diamonds viable for obtaining the final product, that is, a polished gemstone. The remaining diamonds are used for industrial purposes. The result of the refining process is approximately 22 - 27 million carats of polished stones, with investment diamonds accounting for less than 10 % of this volume, so it is an amount of approximately 2 million carats per year. Colored diamonds are also included in this data. Statistically, colored diamonds make up 0,15 % of all polished diamonds, so there are only approximately 30.000 carats of them per year on the market. Of this amount, on average only every twentieth stone is an investment diamond - approximately 1.500 carats.

The situation is similar when the investment is based on diamonds already refined, polished, and which have exceptional parameters, including the right size, clarity or quality of the cut. The tremendous increase in the value of these assets occurs in this case, so for colorless diamonds, as well as for unique, colored diamonds and for historical diamonds and jewelry, especially when we take under consideration the storage period of these assets.

In the case of historical diamonds or jewelry, it should be noted that not only the beauty of a given diamond or jewel has a significant impact on its value, sale’s price, but also its history - to whom the given historic value belonged, when a given diamond was polished or a given jewel made, etc. In this case, it is worth remembering that the methods of refining diamonds and other gemstones in previous centuries, tools that were available at that time, cutting, polishing and processing methods, were different as in present times, so such stones, or jewels made of them, are made with smaller precision.



It is the rarity, uniqueness and uniqueness of investment diamonds that make their prices rise systematically. Often, this happens in a way that is completely uncorrelated with the changes taking place in the rest of the sector, such as in the case of jewelry diamonds, where the price is influenced by a large number of factors, including their basic 4C value, but also the market situation, booms and busts in jewelry sales (example of the Chinese market), the geopolitical situation and other. It should be noted, however, that we refer primarily to diamonds below 1,00 carat, which adorn jewelry of a different quality, jewelry manufactured in mass production and not as the aforementioned unique jewelry, which is addressed to a very welathy group of customers and therefore, it is not subjected to such price fluctuations.

All assets in our offer have certificates of the highest quality. We always abide by, implement and adhere to the principles set by the World Diamond Council, which have been approved by all members of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, and thus guarantee that the diamonds offered by us come from legal sources of indisputable origin and that ensure their highest quality.

Investment diamonds are a great profit generator, because the process of refinement itself increases the value of these assets, whereas in some cases, depending on the parameters of a given diamond, the increase of the value of these assets is simply outstanding and therefore, diamonds are an ideal investment asset.

In addition, it should also be noted that the types of the cuts have changed over the centuries, so in the case of historical assets, it is not the precision of polishing the stones or the making of a jewelry item, but the very different values mentioned-above, that have a meaning. This also has a huge impact on the demand and the number of prices obtained for such unique assets.

Only many years of practical experience, the knowledge acquired for many generations, appropriate skills and cooperation with very special people in the diamond sector, allow for proper evaluation of such historical assets or colorless and colored diamonds that meet all the conditions to become investment assets, especially that we personally assess these in a highly reliable and ethical way, as well to ensure that we and the customers can exit from such an investment with a very high profit.

With this knowledge and opportunities, we invite you to take advantage of our offer that we address to You.

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